Any Regrets

chris (2002-10-14 16:03:59)
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I'm sorry.
I just came to talk,
You bitch.
But you just sit
And twitch the end
Of a cigarette
With the nail of your thumb.

I'm sorry.
I just want to help
You bitch.
Before it grips
And drags us down
With the slobs and clowns
And their dopey pals.

I'm sorry,
You swung too far
You bitch.
And flavoured my blood
With your neighbourhood.
But you hardly flinch
When you sniff,
You bitch.
You'll never wince
When it grips your flesh.

I'm sorry.
God I'm sorry
You blessed my life
And stole my wife
From under me,
Your love a curse
As it silently worked
And spiked my blood with HIV.