Russian Lies

chris (2007-10-30 08:11:01)
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Russian Lies

Can you see the secrets?
Can you read between the lines?
I bet you haven't noticed
How many lies I hide.
And do you know how hard it is
To live a life of lies?
There's not a single person
Who has seen through this disguise.

Everyone's so far away,
Not just because I'm here.
Even when I leave Siberia
I'll never let them near.
The Russian television
Shows a film of lies and crime.
It's just a Russian version
Of this messed up life of mine.

Can you see the secrets?
And will you run inside?
And will you tell you sister
That she too must run and hide?
For though I'm in the mountains
With my string and pocket knife
It only takes a night or two
For me to ruin a life.

(I wish I'd never written this
And then you'd never see.
I wish I'd never shown
The misery inside of me.
For though it seems unbearable
A certain misery,
It's worse to bear the misery
Of such uncertainty)

Can you see the secrets?
Can you read between the lines?
And did you know that Russia
Has a thousand lies to hide?
They're hiding in my backback,
So from you they're far away,
But I have them on my shoulders
And I feel them every day.

Chris Lacy-Hulbert
(Siberia 2001)