chris (2002-10-14 16:02:20)
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Terrifying Dawn

So sad to see
What is happening
To you and me.

So sad to know
That the last sign
was broken down

Trawling through
All these thoughts
I'm breaking down too.

So sad to feel
A void between
me and you.

I never tried
Not hard enough.
Afraid to loose face.

I never talked,
Or talked too much.
Kicking myself now.

Waiting for that
sound and gasp
When your e-mail comes.

waiting for you
or me to say
That this is the end.

I can't.
Can't shoulder that.
Too weak, I suppose.

Call this a poem?
Call this love?
Call me one last time.

Sweet songs,
deaf ears,
four calling birds

And a new, terrifying dawn.

14/03/02 christo