Christmas drinks

chris (2002-12-16 12:55:01)
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We had our christmas praty (intentional typo) on Friday. It was pretty cool, aksherly. We had lots of drinks, a magician act, some standup comedy and a great meal. It's always amusing to watch friends and colleagues getting drunk.. Trying to fill in the blanks of alcoholic memory loss isn't so much fun !

Joel posted up the photos on - there are some quite good ones :) ha ha ha

I spent most of the weekend nursing my hangover and drinking bender menders. Somehow I managed to apply myself enough to add threading into these channels. I'm pretty chuffed with that, cos it introduces a level on continuity that couldn't have been acieved before. Still a few bits of work to do there, though.

$twin_sister and b/f stayed Saturday and Sunday night. They'll be getting on a plane shortly to go back to Turkey. They have olives to harvest and land to develop, so I prolly won't see them for a few months now.. :(