Laptop bites the dust

chris (2002-12-01 19:58:48)
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I'm quite used to leaving my laptop on for several days at a time. sometimes it goes for as long as 40 days without a reeboot. I use it every day at least in the morning and in the evening, so I was unaware that rather than actually being disabled, the screensaver was set to come on after 720 minutes of inactivity. That's 12 hours and is a rare occurrence.

So it didn't seem unreasonable to leave my laptop running when I went away last week. I like to be able to connect in to my home network and grap emails, or mp3's off the laptop should the need arise whilst I'm away.

But I had forgotten that the fan had been having problems in the last couple of weeks.

In those 3 days that I was away, the screensaver came on, the processor went mad and with no fan to cool the CPU down, my computer started to melt.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that my computer has melted, the battery no longer functions - at all, there is no working fan and even the CD ROM is tempremental.

The moral of this story is - if you think there is something wrong with your fan, make damn sure that your screensaver is disabled.

Past experience with the Asus repair center/process tells me that it just isn't going to be worth it. They are too damned expensive, they are very slow, very unhelpful and last time I sent this unit back, they managed to loose it in the repairs process, then finally delivered the repaired unit to the wrong address.

Next time I will try the Dell with full-monty warrenty. But that can't be until next year. I will limpa long until thene!