The world has experienced a run time error and is

chris (2002-11-05 21:45:56)
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I wrote this today just cos I was taking the mickey out of a colleague who has been bravely tacking Visual Dot Net.
Enjoy :)

The world has experienced a run time error and is about to shut down

I used to work with BBC
But soon that got too hard for me.
I tried with sinclair basic, but,
I got stuck in a basic rut
I tried to code, I tried to hack
Then DOT NET rode in on horseback

Just as LISP had sent me reeling,
CLOS had given me the feeling
Someting wasn't right with COBOL
Microsoft were going global.

And in the midst, there was I
Struggling with CGI
I couldn't make it work in C
And PERL was much to hard for me.

For months I fought this scripting strife
Then Bill walked in and saved my life
He saved my time and energy
By introducing ASP.

Now since that time, the story's plain.
My websites never worked again
Any page I load will freeze,
But writing them is such a breeze!

So the answer to your scripting hell
Isn't python, awk or shell
To rule the world from your PC,
Abandon Linux, follow me!

It isn't cheap, but you will find
That DOT NET can free your mind
As javascript and PHP
Fail and die like JSP.

And now that we don't have to think,
And Linux can't kick up a stink,
Because without finiancial backing.
They can only keep on hacking.

We're left behind to wreck the roost
Whilst Bill and Steve enjoy the boost
Your sites might freeze, but don't forget
How easy it is with VISUAL DOT NET !!

christo 05/11/2002