Zend Optimisation/Acceleration suite

chris (2002-10-31 17:49:13)
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I have just received a beta release of the Zend optimization suite for review. The original documentation was a bit vague and it wasn't originally clear where I would find the license file required for the installation.. A couple of emails to the Zend technical support team quickly solved these issues. I was sent an up-to-date version of the documentation and an easy indication of where the license is sourced from.. so Full marks to Zend on the technical support side of things.

The installation is really easy. Note that it doesn't matter where you specify your document root - it's only intended for the ZendOptiomisationSuite console items.. Which means that so long as you set up an approporiate VirtualHost entry in your httpd.conf for the Zend suite console, you'll be okay.

Using Zend seems pretty easy, though you'll find yourself running apachectl graceful more than ever before ! I have only had a quick play with the kit and haven't yet run any significant benchmarking tests.. I'll post back when I have some more groudbreaking opinions to make !