The Enchanting

chris (2002-10-23 17:27:03)
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The most creative mind and face.
Dynamic too in time and space,
like something 'tombed in Turin lace.
My country home reflects your grace.

The only chance for me to sing
Was shattered, just like everything
I've tried. I try to make it clear.
The more I try, the less you hear.
So here and now I sit in song,
Alone, just me and Epsilon.

And quietly down to sea you step and stay.
I see you leave. I hear you say
To stay, but soon you see I've gone
To stay with Epsilon.

But now I know the more I need to see,
The more your entity to me
Allures my mind, bewildered, so
I will return and let you know.

The most creative hand and heart
To mind and maim my mind insane.
Charades, dynamic acts are gone,
But will reflect in Epsilon.