Britain's leaves

chris (2002-10-23 10:10:01)
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For the first time since 1995 I have been able to watch England turn from Summer to Autumn.. and it has been great. We have had a proper Autumn this year, bright skies, golden trees and leaves piling up in the parks around London, around the wheels of parked bicycles and in shop doorways and bus stops. This morning is yet another perfect Autumn day with a sky so blue, I feel I could steal one of the clouds and chalk my name across the deep blue canvas above it.

Last night I was out for beers around Earl's court with Bones and some of his family. As the evening passed on, they all went off to catch planes or drive home until just Bones and I were left in a pub full of London's usual eclectic mix of oddballs. Eventually we were joined by a guy sporting a baseball cap and denim jacket - Enter Larry.

We must have sat there for two hours or more chatting with Larry - an immensely successful fundraiser working with non-profit organisations - charities and the like - in America. After a few beers the three of us were chatting like mad about world politics, Americans, democracy, love, hate, war, money.. Did we come to any breaking conclusions? I guess not, but all three of us enjoyed a chance to share some ideas and of course to exchange email addresses.

So America is the land of opportunity, huh?

We'll see :)