To Ollie and Alex

chris (2015-03-20 10:51:04)
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Written to Ollie and Alex in response to a poem which Alex wrote on Facebook for his loved one. December 2013

Just reading this poem reduced me to tears
And forced me to stop and look down the years
At all of the times that I failed to impart
How I felt to those who are close to my heart.
Instead as my own selfish life has unfurled
I have chosen to live in my own little world.
Well Alex, your words might have changed all of this.
Maybe I'll change as my conscience insists.
Maybe I'll start by telling my wife
What a positive impact she's had on my life.
It's strange don't you think how Olli and you
Just extended your love to nobody you knew,
But to hundreds of people who might just decide
That their love for their loved ones is too good to hide.

I hope you see each other soon x