Betfair API - php library released

chris (2009-12-02 14:04:55)
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Back when I was fiddling with backingline, I spent some time looking at Betfair to see if it would be feasible to take data from Betfair's exchanges and automate a dutch book through backingline's dutching engine. In order for that to work, an application would have to be developed which could talk to Betfair's exchanges, pull current market data, prices and depths on offer, run them through the backingline webservices and represent them to the user. At that point I realised that there is a distinct lack of good PHP API code for betfair, so I decided to write some.

The backingline integration became a thought of the past, and a couple weeks ago I sat down and put some proper time into the formation of bflib - an open source Betfair library

The code is GPL's and publically available. There is also a demo app running at I will make incremental enhancements over coming weekends and see where this goes. If all goes well, I might re-visit the backingline integration.

2010-01-04 12:07:39

Further updates

I made some further updates to the betfair 'bflib' code the other day - Specifically, I have ensured logical separation between the demo application and the core bflib library itself. I am sticking by the philosophy of making the bflib library totally application agnostic. That means I had to remove all the url parsing out of the betfairController class into an application controller for the demo, hence keeping the betfair controller simplified and less involved with the user, but more involved with invoking methods within the Model and gathering prepared data before handing over to the view.

Betfair responded very well by providing me with a vendorId and 6months unrestricted access to their exchanges. That will keep things moving as I start thinking about possible uses for the library. Meanwhile, I'll continue to build in support for the various Soap methods available..

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