cyclist beheaded on google streetview - VERY GRUESOME!!

chris (2009-06-16 23:04:06)
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I couldn't believe it when I saw this - what a terrible way to go. I hope google move fast to have this gruesome scene removed from their streetview service. Shudder!

Click the thunbmail image to enlarge it (if you are really that sick), but I strongly advise you don't take a peek. It will make you queasey.

It looks like he was probably flattened by a passing truck, or perhaps by one of the San Francisco cable cars.. whatever it was, it took his head clean off! Probably it rolled down the street and bounced down the steps into the Bart station. If he had been wearing a helmet like the other guy in the photo, I really don't think that would have saved him. This was surely a one-in-a-million incident.

You can tell that it has only just happened, because there are no paramedics or police in sight and the passers by have hardly had time to take in the scene. Perhaps it was caused by the streetview camera car itself - they can cause serious distractions with all their fancy imaging equipment and their odd erratic driving habits

I have made the thumbnail really small to give you a chance to click the back button and move along, but if you are really in for the freaky stuff, then make your click.. Go on.. I dare you...
And in case you are wondering, the Sketchers store on the right is open now. I walked past it the other day. That's as much of your time I'm going to waste. Now get on and click, or just let the curiosity kill you.