Sarah Sollom art gallery

chris (2008-12-23 11:33:28)
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I have set up an art gallery for Sarah Sollom, my mum. She mostly uses oils and acrylics, but is comfortable with a range of media. Sarah innovates in two key areas - collage and acrylics. Her collages are varied, very original and often humerous.

In her acrylic collections, you will see representations of landscapes, seascapes, occasionally built environments and animals. Each painting has a slightly enhanced, somewhat hallucinogenic touch, with bright colours and very dramatic contrasts. The 'Oban Sunset' (inset) is one great example. Another technique sometimes employed by Sarah Sollom is a pen and ink mix, creating images such as the 'Chinese lantern' example on this page.

All of Sarah's art can be bought at very affordable prices (she usually publishes guide prices alongside images in the blog). In the case of sold pieces, she will usually reproduce a painting similar to the original if requested.