I hate Paul McCartney

chris (2008-11-21 09:26:34)
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I was sat at my desk the other morning when it dawned on me that I just don't like Paul McCartney. In fact I hate Paul McCartney! I could think of a hundred reasons (mostly song titles) not to like Paul McCartney, but add to that his self-love, irritating eyebrows, hey jude, his irritating eyebrows, his love of himself and hey jude, I have decided. I hate Paul McCartney. Check out this reaction to the death of John Lennon - Is that all he could manage?

I guess the most zealous of Paul McCartney haters would drag out the Mull of Kintyre car-crash-of-a-song. They'd be right to do so. I am not willing to accept that he might have been suffering an exotic form of dementia when producing that monstrosity. He was suffering a severe case of pig-eye and just figured that if he could make his song annoying and catchy enough, then some poor cake-brain would buy it.

As for Paul McCartney's personal relationships, I suspect that many of Heather Mills' rants were well founded. He treated Dot Rhone like a Labrador - then Jane Asher in the same way. He forgot about Linda in a heartbeat and generally asked for it with Heather.

He's gross!