Mind You

chris (2002-10-15 08:35:39)
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My mind is so:
A tangled twine,
A bitter wine.
This mind of mine
is hazy fog,
Like city smog.
I need to jog
This mind of mine,
And memories that dwell inside
This mind of mine tonight.

My mind is so:
A saddened song,
Or something wrong.
My mind has gone
To where the trees
Have shed their leaves.
I need to see
Where I belong;
And why you have to
Spread your wings,
And leave my mind tonight.

My mind is so:
A reddened rose,
A rose that glows,
A rose that grows
Among the weeds,
The scattered seeds.
My mind will lead
This rose that throws
Its petals at the family tree.

This mind of mine
Is crystal glass,
It's rinsed of wine.
My mind can pass
beyond the time,
When my mind cried,
Because of memories inside.

And so my mind can rest a while.
My tired feet can slumber too.
My heart will pause, but never cease
To beat in memory of you.