Learn to fly at Clearprop microlight school

chris (2007-04-07 09:36:45)
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Good news for those learning to fly in the UK - The Clearprop microlight and flying school has opened its doors to customers old and new. If you have ever wanted to learn to fly, just call on 07835 517692 and book your first trial lesson. A half-hour trial flight is £60, whilst a full hour of flying is £110.

Many people choose flying lessons in order to fulful a childhood dream of flying. The cost of learning to fly is often prohbatively high, but with Clearprop microlight school, you can learn to fly a two-man three-axis light aircraft at highly competitive prices. Imagine flying around the Wiltshire countryside, photographing crop circles and ancient landmarks, enjoying complete airborne freedom as a pilot! At Clearprop microlight school you will learn amongst some of the most experienced and knowledgeable aviators in the country including aviation author David Sollom.

Take the opportunity now! You can start with a single trial lesson, which includes a full introduction to the aircraft and a half-hour, or full-hour flight. Summer is here, so make the most of it and learn to fly with clearprop!