Salt Peter

chris (2007-04-01 21:04:04)
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Salt Peter

The fun and games
Are on elsewhere
And I'm down here
With a cigarette.
It glows much brighter
In the dark.
I flick the lighter,
Make it spark.

The flame expands
Then shrinks away,
Like the moon
As it waxes and wanes.
See it softly, gladly wafting,
Like a petal, all consuming,
Feeding on the air it breaths
Until I squeeze no more-
And leaves.

Sixteen forty two
Revived in me, in me
And through my
Mental ambles, civil war
With Marduk
Washed up on the shore.

At last to be numb,
Squeezing my thumb.
Stinging trachea,
Blessed Salt Peter
Denied me thrice
And now it's my turn
As I prophesied,
To crash and burn.

Make it spark,
I flick the lighter.
In the dark
It glows much brighter.
With a cigarette
The fun and games
Are on down here
And I'm elsewhere.