Peace of Perl - a Perl poem

chris (2007-02-02 17:13:44)
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Another perl poem by Christo - Tested under Ubuntu and Slackware linux, this is a valid Perl program which compiles and runs through to the end. It doesn't do anything useful, but hey - poetry is like that.

This poem was written at the time in protest of the 2nd invasion and ongoing occupation of Iraq.

Peace of Perl

listen to, me;
stop and listen just, once;
connect with, me;
join our $worlds;

unless ( my $ideas )
        { alarm you }
accept with, open-minds;

push these, words, upon, our $leaders;
seek to, change, their-ways;
push them, bribe and pray;
our ($world, $will, $rest, $one, $day);

tell me if( our $only, $hopes );
split and drift away;
read these, $lines, one-more, time;
stop and think, shutdown( this, crime );

open minds, `touch friends`;
close the-blinds and wait;
if ( my $words ){ are heard by them }
$we { may_not_be_too_late }

# a perl poem by christo
# 28th Jan 2006