Simple Harmonic Motion

chris (2002-10-15 08:32:01)
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Shame on you satanic beast,
Shame on your satanic waste.
Shameful is the mess you're making
Of my land and sea.

Flying through without a thought
For planet Earth and fragile flow.
Not a thought for what I taught
Of maintenance of purity.

Psion, Gihon and Hiddekel,
Cowering from the ridicule,
Crying for the cynical
to stop this foolish game

Of burning what the land can give;
Not using it to help us live
Together with the plant and beast,
Which die from selfish ignorance.

They flinch and hide,
They twitch and writhe.
They fight and battle to survive.
Surrounded by seas of nuclear waste,
Poisoned by the sour taste
Of oil served up on a plate;
Like serpent swing or scorpion sting,
Offered as destruction's bait...

...It's time for us to turn around,
To throw our weapons to the ground,
And wake up to the distant sound
Of crying from the seas.

Let dolphins sleep, let rivers flow.
Try not to reap more than you sow,
For as we weep the dolphin knows
That as we sleep the planet glows.