Developer roles in London - Javascript, .NET, oracle, J2EE, SEO...

chris (2006-05-16 15:56:00)
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I am helping to source staff for engineering roles with Yahoo! in London - Anybody who is London based and would consider a seriously good permanent role encompassing a mix of any of the following skills:

Linux, Apache, MySQL, C/C++, Perl, PHP, XSLT, Javascript, CSS, XHTML, Java.

This is for software development roles. You will need to have knowledge of Agile or scrum development methods and you will also need an understanding of the benefits of open source software and it's appropriate use in different parts of big industry.

You must be flexible, creative and willing to make strategic decisions in the selection of core technologies. There are huge opportunities here to forge a future within a global organisation as a developer, architect and team leader.

Strong SEO skills also required for some of the roles. If you have a strong understanding of search engine optimisation, let me know.

Please send me your CV and a quick one-liner. I'll pass your details on. My email address is christo [at] uk [dot] com.