how to import new cvs module - quick note

chris (2006-02-22 14:26:04)
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Every time I have to import a new project into CVS I always find myelf having to google for the required incantation, so this is more a note to myself..

lets say your new project is in the following directory /home/projects/newproject

you want you import all of the files under newproject into cvs, so first cd into the directory - eg cd ~/projects/newproject and then issue the CVS import command like this:

cvs import -m "first import of newproject sources" newproject vendor release

the words 'vendor' and 'release' represent the vendor and release tags, which have to be present, but you don't have to put real values in there. The release might be something sensible like 'initial' or 'prealpha' or something like that.. If you're not worried about these tags, then your import statement could look like this:

cvs import -m "first import of newproject sources" newproject christo initial

that would do just fine.

Note - before you do this, you will need to ensure that your $CVSROOT environment variable points to your cvs server and repository root. if you're importing on the same machine as where your repository is hosted, you can just do this with:


if your cvs repository is on a remote machine, then you'll need to do something like: and then make sure you do CVS_RSH=ssh

Your CVS sessions will then run seamlessly over SSH. What you have now is a mega-glorified fusion of ssh, diff and patch (eeek!)