hard graft (a perl poem)

chris (2003-10-12 04:25:15)
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This is a Perl poem - it's a poem written in the Perl programming language, but you can read it aloud in Englsh and it works poetically. The poem is a valid Perl program, which compiles and runs through to the end without errors on Windows and UNIX systems. I have tested it on Slackware Linux and also under FreeBSD. The program doesn't actually do anything useful, but I hope you enjoy reading it anyway :)
untie $me; open $doors;
for($ever){ join
$me, 'and', $you;
last or sleep and die;}
map $our $future or kill my $hopes;
my %hope = ('to','be','with','you');
open $doors unless $I&  break;
$Read= each %hope and wait;
times; shift and tell;
warn my $friends; warn
$I& sort and study time;
wait for($me);
close $doors and sin
bind (You_and, me);
$please= wait and $see;
if ($you){ chop( my $words);}
my %hopes& break and die ;
if($you){split 'from', $me;}
$I= 'cry' and die 'inside';

# a perl poem by christo
# chris lacy-hulbert
# October 12th 2003