Our World

chris (2002-10-14 16:08:54)
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Streets and lorries still,
White and grey suburban chill.
Kiddies, crack and concrete hill,
Drugs and black in overspill.

Dead dogs bark,
Big books lie.
Small boys try and learn to fly.
Happy faces look so grim
When you see the face within,
But hold on tight,
We'll rock the boat.
We'll grab the bastard by the throat.

* * *

Don't shit on me you little creep,
Don't jump on me when I'm asleep.
I'm not scared 'cos I don't care,
But I'm not free or going spare.

I've got a life,
A kid and wife.
They fled with fear,
But I'm still here.
I still breath their atmosphere.
I still break their little bones,
I still hear the voices cheer
As I nailed them both with stones.

* * *

Bury the hatchet, my mum said,
Daddy might as well be dead.
I saw him leave with all his bags,
I've seen him hang with whores and slags.

Do these girls have no respect?
Is the money all they get?
Do they not have kids and homes?
Why get paid for broken bones?

* * *

All I do is sweep and weep
And after sweep I go to sleep.
After sleep I sit and weep,
Because my life's so fucking cheap.

See the streets are full of shit,
See the kids who need a hit.
Needles, drugs, guns and sex
Is all I sweep and all I get.

* * *

I feel bad,It makes me sad
To sit and think of Mum and Dad,
Who think about their little boy,
Out there in the cold.

My life is small, no fun at all.
Just brick, bridge and concrete wall.
I'm on the move, I trudge and drag
My home, my life, my carrier bag.

My shoes were old, my feet were cold.
I went back home, my house was sold.
I've had it now. I've lost it all.
I think I'll leave this concrete wall.

I think I'll slip and take a fall
And leave the neighbourhood.
I think I'll slip and take a fall
And fly away for good.