Big Brother

chris (2002-10-14 16:04:31)
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You have been counted.
You will now be searched, weighed and branded.
Don't be frightened. Join the enlightened
In cashless payments, unmanned aircraft,
Laser printers, hip replacements,
ftp, remote control and
Stop cock lock blocklessness.

Would you like to look around?
You can't get lost with all these statues.
Any street is every street
And anyone you meet
Will greet you with a
Wee neat click
From the heels of their
Foot-long, beat-strong,
Never-go-wrong feet.

Feel my pulse.
This is the tick of our atomic clock,
A time device so precise
That no-one else will get a slice
Of the nice price we put on Life.

Indeed my friend, if you fail to
Take the choice we offer you,
The tick-tock that runs the show
Will tock tick tick and stick a shock
In your ad-hoc block- a final click
To rock your rock, cleanse your senses,
Clean the slate and make you kick.

On a lighter note, we hope you enjoy your stay.
Please feel free to do as you are told.
Oh, and this way please to join the queues
For homes, haircuts, bread and shoes.